Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Second day,

                Today was a pretty tiring day, sitting in the room and listening to the Prof teaching of something I'm completely new to, something I was not interested in. But after listening to the talks and thinking, I thought: Hey, this ain't so bad after all. So Clive was sick and had to go back and we had to break the groups up to mix and match and I'm with Dion!! YAY! Someone that will work. It's been a pretty cool evening after the rain and I think today we as a group did better then yesterday but i know that there is bound to be room for improvement. After all, we are still students. As i wait for dinner, I look at all the happy faces enjoying their projects and their wonderful team mates. And as for me? I have the perfect group I never asked for. Awaiting for dinner to start ^^ 

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